Eco-rabbit breeding and equipment in the USA
Eco-rabbit breeding

Rabbit breeding in the USA

Rabbit breeding in the USA is not yet presented by the rabbit breeding project «Rabbax Technology» from Ukraine. Although the project is 10 years old from its foundation, it has just started out to the external distant markets. Eco-rabbit breeding from «Rabbax Technology» is an innovative project, opposite to the existing trends in the industrial rabbit breeding. Today, the industrial rabbit breeding basically requires the workshop breeding of rabbits in an iron cage and in such a rabbit breeding, openly or without disclosing, broiler techniques are used, that is the use of growth stimulants, hormones, steroids and antibiotics. Rabbits from broiler workshops, which are bred in cramped conditions and the lack of natural sources of vitamin groups: the sunshine and fresh air, getting a fair amount of drugs and stimulants, they do not give the person the healing properties of the product, but on the contrary, they cause human poisoning. It is common knowledge that, for example, antibiotics eliminate from the body of warm-blooded animal or human over the years.

The eco-rabbit breeding «Rabbax Technology» uses natural forms - from the keeping of the rabbits in special systems «Rabbitax» to the diet of the rabbits, care and proper breeding technology. Due to such eco-systems there is no need for the breeder to use different ways for fitting the body of rabbits to a freight weight, there is no need in the veterinary software. Rabbits grow according to the laws of nature, and nature replaces zoo-technicians and other experts in the care of animals on the farm.

The rabbits, living in the equipment for keeping and breeding the rabbits «Rabbitax», are protected from all external factors influencing their health and life. Removing the dirty air, stench formed in the result of the activity of faecal bacteria, works in the eco-system. It is a very important element for the achievement of rabbits’ good health! After all, if the rabbits breathe ammonia gases, gases of hydrogen sulphide, methane and carbon dioxide, there will be nothing to tell about a healthy way of life. It is like rabbits-smokers. There is no draft, which is a killing factor for a rabbit, in the eco-systems «Rabbitax», the equipment is hermetical. There is no moisture; in the heat the equipment is not scolded, and in winter there is water heating and heating of the queen cells. Rats and other predators do not penetrate into the equipment; mosquitoes and flies, which are the main carriers of infection, do not fly; it is protected.

The very technology of eco-rabbit breeding is made for guaranteed receiving of the economic output result, getting natural product that is eco-rabbit, excellent quality skin. And from the manure they get good humus, an organic fertilizer. The quality of the rabbit meat is not only the best, but in fact it may be the standard of quality. Biochemistry of the product is in no comparison with the workshop way of getting rabbit meat, as the external factor, plenty of sunlight and fresh air, lack of hormones, drugs and antibiotics form the excellent healing product. You can feed the children, the sick and the elderly with such a product without fear. Eco-rabbit meat is easily digestible. It provides the ideal combination of light proteins, proteins and fats, and the eco-rabbit itself is completely vegetarian, unlike the pig it does not use bone flour, animal products.

There are no antihuman elements in eco-rabbit breeding. The rabbits happen on their own will, they never happen by force, as it is in the broiler rabbit breeding. The eco-rabbits have plenty of living space, and there is no need for castration of males. The diet of the eco- rabbits is made up on the use of natural forages: oats, barley, corn and other cereals, hay and water.

To be a producer of eco-products is socially important. Such a producer always has the authority and can successfully create his image. The business of eco-rabbit breeding is not an innovation at all. It can provide excellent marketing outlets, and due to its uniqueness it can form added value.

We export the equipment which we install for the customer on-site, carry out the start-up. Having settled his rabbits into our equipment (we give advice about the species), the customer starts the rabbit-breeding technology.

We offer packages:
The package is for getting 2240 rabbits or 4480 kg of rabbit meat a year.
The equipment is necessary to settle with 70 females and 13 males.
The cost EXW Ukraine is $ 30,000
The cost including the delivery into the right place will be higher due to costs related to customs clearing, certification and transport costs, departure of employees for installation and commissioning.

The package includes 20 pieces of equipment «Rabbitax -8»

It is possible to choose double, triple, and so on packages.

We are also interested in opening offices in the USA to sell our equipment. This is a good business that no one else has had in the country so far. The cost of a license for such a right is negotiated individually.
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Rabbit breeding in the USA
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