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Eco-rabbit breeding
Eco rabbit  breeding - theory
It is necessary to have a technology to breed a rabbit. Those years are past when the animals were undemanding to themselves, the environment has changed, the food supply has changed too, etc. Today it is impossible to breed the chicken without special knowledge, if the economic affect is important. It is very important to understand that the rabbit is not totally domesticated. A rabbit cannot live in a cage. A rabbit does not have so strong stomach muscles as a cow or a pig has, end the pushing of the food is happened due to the pressure of the received regular meals. Being in the wild a rabbit lets out the accumulated wind with the help of the movement, it has enough space for doing it. And in terms of loss of such a space, a rabbit cannot overcome its fears, and it begins a fight for survival - a rabbit is struggling with the food it received. Therefore it is important to know what food you can give the rabbit, which is in prison and what you have to take into account to know everything is all right with the rabbit. A lot of different things have to be taken into account except the features of gastric motility.
Of course, you can keep the rabbit under the close supervision of a qualified specialist who will wield the daily hormones, steroids, antibiotics and other achievements of veterinary medicine. But it does not matter how hard these experts try, the continuation of a valuable breed is a difficult problem to be solved - it is necessary to deal with breeding separately.
Such problems have been completely withdrawn from the eco-rabbit breeding of the company «Rabbacs Technology». Eco-rabbit breeding is built on a natural kind of growing, breeding, raising and maintaining the best immunity of rabbits. Only mechanically, instrumentally, with the help of specially invented equipment it is possible to persist for at least 15 reasons, problems existing in the rabbit-breeding and connected with a special technique (method), which completes the instrumental part, succeed incredible results. Eco-rabbit breeding takes into account the physiology and the habits of rabbits and uses sometimes diametrically opposed methods of rabbit breeding, compared with the methods of broiler rabbit breeding. Everything is done on the basis of not what a person needs but what a rabbit needs. And then it has a striking effect - the economy becomes stable and profitable, the breed quality is revived, the breed becomes healthier in general. And what is more important the finished product - the customer receives the product of extra class - the eco-rabbit! No one ignores this product, because of the importance of the purity of the product which does not contains any “chemicals".

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Nowadays, the industrial rabbit breeding can be divided into two types - a humane (it's ours), and violent. The violent one involves raising rabbits on the premises, in iron cages. Hybrid breeds are used, only doe-rabbits are bought, whose backs are manually raised, are syringed with sperm of buck-rabbits, bought separately in special plants, 6 times a year. During the growth of young rabbits, the young rabbits are fed with stimulus feeds, and the strong growth in muscle tissue of animals (weakening the skeleton that is why they cannot grow in the wild or at the outdoor rabbit breeding) is maintained with hidden steroids, anabolic, hormones. They also blunts the development of pituitary body with inhibitors (replacing castrating of rabbits) to divert the sexual development into the development of muscle (weight) of the tissue. The injection formulas are often incomprehensible for the specialists of this kind of rabbit farms. What is important for them is to ensure the weight gain, but in the end everyone suffers, from the rabbit to the customer. The customer will use the chemical rabbit in food.
In eco-humane rabbit breeding it is simply absent. The rabbit- breeder invests funds in the environment of the rabbit. He builds or buys special equipment, which provides maximum of comfortable life, without stress for the animal, cares in other way, and does not handle the rabbit, etc. Such rabbits always have the natural desire to breed, they are vigorous, have strong body, and if they catch up some kind of infection, they can easily suppress it with their immunity. And if in the violent rabbit- breeding they slaughter the rabbits while they are young, than in the eco-rabbit- breeding these blasphemous inhumane executions do not exist. Already formed carcasses are offered to the table, with full healing biochemistry of rabbit.
Is it because of this fact the sales of eco-rabbit are done at higher prices by eco rabbit- breeders? The understanding of eco-breeding method is the very basis of highly profitable sales. Although, eco-rabbit can be sold at a price of a simple rabbit - it has so profitable positions itself because the cost of its cultivation is not much higher than of its broiler relatives. In addition, it has an excellent skin, which cannot be obtained in closed forms of rabbit- breeding. The skin is removed from already ripped rabbit, and rabbit, which is bred in natural environmental conditions, has a fur twice thicker than that one that which lived inside. Another property of the eco-rabbit is its fat. Natural, not seasoned with chemicals, fat of a rabbit can be compared to bear’s fat. It is so useful. Five-month old eco- rabbit easily gives half a litre of fat. This is just a godsend for pharmacy, cosmetics and other industries. And the manure, which is also completely eco-friendly, also contributes to the money- box of the rabbit- breeder - for those who have their greenhouse the rabbit manure is highly prized!
“Rabbacs Technology" burst into the world through the invention of J. Pohoretsky - “Rabbitacs-8CB”.
This equipment is new in eco-rabbit breeding. These are eco-farms with redirection of air masses in a residential area of rabbits, with the diversion of the stench (stink) from the tiers of equipment, elimination of falling of ammonia, hydrogen sulphide, carbon dioxide, methane, and other stench as the result of the decomposition of excrements, into the residential area. The effect of a strong health and strong immunity of animals is achieved. The equipment also protects the rabbit during the winter - water and mother’s place are heated. If it is necessary to make easier the cleaning of bunkers from excrements, you can use the option of heating the bunker system. In many cases, the protection from carriers of viruses is actual: the flies and mosquitoes. Such protection is also provided in this equipment.
"Rabbacs Technology” sells its goods and services in 15 countries worldwide.
The company owns eight patents of Ukraine and other countries.
The business of a person or a company must be smart. It must have distinctive features. Any business that is ordinary in all aspects will never be able to withstand the impact of competition. It will only fight for its survival.
Every person who runs or planning to run his own business must ask himself: "What advantages can I have? What are the certain strong points in my favour? »
If a person has no benefits, it doesn’t matter what he does in business, everything will be turned against him. His business will likely to be always small. Reason, which is enough for growth, in this case simply does not exist.
Any ambitious businessman must be a professional. The company must constantly strive to increase its benefits. Every businessman would like to have a monopoly. This is the only thing that can save him from the competition. But the monopoly is a rare thing, and it is impossible to save it for a long time.
For any company it is advisable to have its own specialization, which makes the face of the company. If this specialization is well advertised, it could be the major source of profit. The presence of specialization gives almost the same advantages that the possession of monopoly.
Any person, who sells only what is sold by its competitors, is in a very disadvantageous position. The prices of his goods are fixed by the competition. The reduction in price will not help him. It will increase its sales, but at the same time may reduce its profits. It is necessary to stand out his business in some other way, to make his business special. It is necessary to think non-stop about it until its business will exceed in something the business of competitors.
Even the slightest advantage can make a businessman a leader in its region, city and even in the industry. The public is always attracted with something special. If a person cannot do anything special he will meet misfortune or have little success.
Herbert Kesson

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