Eco-rabbit breeding and equipment

Eco-rabbit breeding

 Mini-farms for eco-rabbit breeding

Mini-farms for eco-rabbit breeding


Eco-rabbit production with the capacity of 37 000 kg of meat, 17859 skins, 480 tons of manure within a year
Mini-farms for eco-rabbit breeding “Rabbitax W” are the equipment for ecological breeding and raising of rabbits. The objective of this sphere is to provide the market with natural, ecologically pure product. Also this enterprise produces skins of the highest quality, perfectly fitted for light industry - clothing, footwear. One more advantage of eco-rabbit breeding is the production of the valuable organic manure for farming that easily turns into humus.

Summary of information
Nowadays, the world’s market suffers from the lack of eco-friendly enterprises that produce ecological pure products. The main reason for this is the high cost of the technology of eco-business. Breeding of animals by means of natural methods without any commercial stimulators, hormones of growth, steroids, antibiotics, medicines and other chemicals - is rather an expensive method. This business demands huge and pure pastures, meadows; natural feed does not have profitable conversion as compared to the gain of weight.

The only profitable way of getting the ecological meat is eco-rabbit breeding. This is possible mainly due to special eco-friendly equipment “Rabbitax” that meets all the needs of animals and support their natural instincts and habits. Our mini-farms are compact, but provide the whole complex of activities for humane, natural rabbit breeding with the protection from all risks and threats. System “Rabbitax” is the unique construction where the animals have the only one task - to grow and to breed. Thus, equipment “Rabbitax” protects the rabbits from cold and heat, moisture and dampness, small predators, cross rain, snow and hoarfrost. The cages are equipped with smart system of utilization of smells - rabbits do not breath with ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, methane, carbonic acid. The meat will never have the smell of urine. Moreover, the mini-farms are protected from flies and mosquitoes - the main source of virus. Every system is local, that is why the problem with diseases may be solved at once! Mini-farms “Rabbitax” are very convenient in service, many of them work automatically. Taking into consideration all the conditions, the rabbits have only to live the full life and bring profit to rabbit breeder.
Eco-rabbit meat is very important for sports clubs, because it is highly digestible (at 96% as compared to pork - 47%), it has useful cholesterol, is free of fat and helps to recreate powers. This product is not allergic, has healing characteristics, perfect for diet eating, it does not contain any steroids as compared to broiler chicken. Eco-rabbit meat is perfect food for sportsmen that will support them and give strength for new achievements!
Business plan consists of:
•Equipment “Rabbitax - 8 WEX” - 153 units
•Technology of eco-rabbit breeding

On conditions of EXW - $254 000
On any other conditions - it is necessary to define the place of delivery, insurance, tariffs of carriers, custom registration.
Certification - according to the tariffs of organizations for necessary standards
Building, starting-up and adjustment - 12% from the cost of EXW
Arrangement of selling, marketing and distribution - $100 000 (onsite support - if necessary) 
Required time for building the equipment - 8 months. Phased shipping and installation every 75 - 85 days.
We recommend to buy rabbits from the local farms not to spend extra time for their adaptation to climatic conditions (5 months). The demands for selection of animals will be given by our company.
The full capacity of production can be reached in 5 months.
All the figures are taking from schedules with 4 kindlings from one doe within a year. Additional loadings can be reached after getting necessary experience of farming with increase of productivity up to 15 - 20% from every doe.



•Due to 5-6 kindlings of one doe (+10-15 %) or 7-9 kindlings (+ 20 %) with the broiler rabbit breeding equipment
•Due to organization of the closed eco-systems (use of Californian worm, production of biogas, fertilizer from manure) (+ 5 %)
•Production of feed for dogs and cats from byproducts, selling of the valuable fat of rabbit, production of delicacies such as fat rabbit for grill, smoked rabbit, production of semi-finished products for trading network, snacks for beer (analogue to squid), stewed rabbit in cans, meat to order (by portions), using for fairs or during open days at rabbit farms, sewing clothing from fur; use of felt, pelleting or briquetting of feed for selling to another farms (+5-25 %)
•Breeding of pedigree rabbits or rabbits for exhibitions (+3%) 
•Selling of live rabbits (+ 10 %)
•Branding of eco-rabbit farming (+ 5 %)
•Organization of student practices (+1%), but image-building outcome is higher
•Selling of animals for laboratories (+1%), but image-building outcome is higher
•Providing the materials for dissertations (+1%), but image-building outcome is higher
•Assignment of name, brand, department of farms for field tests, for advancement of veterinary products made by the known producers of veterinary medicines (+ 2-5 %)
•Selling of agricultural implements, rabbit breeding accessories, veterinary medicines and tools (+ 2 %)
•Registration of farm in the European and other club associations and breeding of special pedigrees (+10 %)
•Organization of seminars and educational courses (+ 5 %)
•Target selling to sports clubs (+10 %), getting the status of the nucleus (+ 5 %)
•External economic activities, export of eco-rabbit meat, skins (+ 5 %)
•Additional programs of development from Rabbax Technology (dealership) (+ 100 %)
•Creation of mass media resources, selling of technical literature (+2%)
•Provision of assistance for the other farms (+1%)
•Opening of eco-rabbit butcher shop, cafe (+ 15 %)
•Buying of the slaughterhouse for rabbits and providing service for another rabbit breeders (+ 20 %)
•Collecting the rabbit skins and reselling them (+10 %)
•Buying the equipment for skin finishing, sewing of clothing from rabbit skins (+ 10 %)
•Breeding of decorative rabbits, organization of children's playgrounds, secretions for young naturalists ( +1%) , social image-building outcome
•Non-traditional selling of rabbits - for hunting farms, zoos, country parks, etc.
•Organization of VIP selling. Eco-rabbit meat - is the etalon of quality and usefulness. Delivery to VIP companies, eco markets, eco-restaurants, etc.  (+ 10 -15%)
•Video advertising at TV (+ 10 %)
•Production of doe’s milk - very expensive and useful product (+ 10 %)
•Organization of actions, sponsorships - delivery of rabbit meat to hospitals, orphanages, homes for elderly people - image-building outcome.

Rabbit Breeding Beyond The Matrix    The ideology of eco-rabbit

Alina Malyuk - FEA manager
+38 097 78 68 406
Skype: alina.strilets

Mini-farms for eco-rabbit breeding

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