Eco-rabbit breeding
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Industrial rabbits, breeding rabbits, cages for rabbits, rabbit breeding technology, methods, rabbit, rabbit meat


Industrial rabbits, breeding rabbits, cages for rabbits, rabbit breeding technology, methods, rabbit, rabbit meat.

Every rabbit breeder faces the same problems growing and keeping rabbits. The professional breeders know that the special attention should be paid to the living conditions of animals, methods of growing, ration, protection from all kinds of threats.

Rabbits are the only one type of domestic animals whose meat is the source of highly digestible proteins, low level of fat and cholesterol, rich on amino acids and useful elements. The rabbit meat is digestible at 96% as compared to pork that is digestible only at 47%, beef - at 76%! Usually rabbit gains the market weight during 3-4 months! As compared to pig that needs 1 year! Rabbit breeder can provide the market with fresh rabbit meat at any time. This meat is free of radicals, nitrates, growth stimulators, antibiotics and other chemicals that are very often used in technological rabbit breeding. Rabbit meat is a delicacy, perfect product for diet eating. Every person needs to have this product in ration; especially it is important for kids, pregnant women, for people during after operation recovery, for elderly people. Meat of rabbits has no contraindications.

To get the positive final result, every rabbit breeder should organize the technological process taking into account all details of rabbit breeding. The main aspect of this organization is the place where rabbits live - cages, mini-farms, eco-farms for rabbit breeding. This equipment should be safe and comfortable protecting animals from all kinds of threats and risks. Only in this case, the rabbit breeder will get the great profit from his business.

The good cage for rabbits is the equipment with perfect system of functions that are applied to provide rabbits with comfort and security. Rabbits should be properly protected from cold, heat, moisture, draughts, flies and mosquitoes, cross rain, snow and snowstorm. Eco-systems “Rabbitax” are the best variants for rabbit breeding. They have all these functions as well as additional advantages - bunker systems of wastes removal and compulsory ventilation that prevents animals from breathing with evaporations from wastes. These conditions let rabbits grow strong and healthy, gain weight quickly without veterinary help.

Learn more about our technologies of eco-rabbit breeding at our site. Ask the question at the search box in your native language - and the translated pages will open.

We produce up to 20 different models of equipment. The perfect variants for commercial purposes are the models described here - and here

High-quality equipment and good organization will protect your capital investment and will bring you profit from this unique business on rabbits during long years (more than 15 years guaranteed)!

Distinctions In Different Modern Types Of Rabbit Breeding


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Eco-rabbit breeding and equipment
Industrial rabbits, breeding rabbits, cages for rabbits, rabbit breeding technology, methods, rabbit, rabbit meat
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