GENERAL PROVISIONS | Ecologically clean rabbit-breeding


Ecologically clean rabbit-breeding offered by the “Rabbax Technology” is a new branch in livestock breeding having been founded by enthusiasts and undertakers of Ukraine. Unexpectedly for the breeding branch founders, the invention has been increasing in popularity the world over. The branch is based on the profound knowledge about rabbits’ needs and the ways of their satisfaction. Hence, it helps to eliminate the causes of high morbidity rate, young stock’s growth retardation,  fodder overexpenditure, law environmental friendliness of both the farms and its product yields, and, in the long run, the lack of competitiveness. All the mentioned above features are typical for the traditional rabbit-breeding.


The invention essence:

1. Receiving the highest quality product - meat.  An eco-rabbit’s meat enjoys life-long immunity and possesses high gastronomic properties. Either hot (or fresh) the “Extra” class meat is obtained by means of no touch rabbit dismembering, is deprived  of strontium-90 and other heavy nuclear decay products, herbicides, pesticides, chemicals, drugs effect (without vaccines and growth hormones), without faeces (urine) odor, being healing, dietetic with a delicate taste of inimitable gameEcologically clean rabbit-breeding . A 4 months old eco-rabbit inhaling neither his own excrement fumes nor ammonia, which was being kept in special aggregates, and drinking his mother’s milk for three months, gives his gained immunity to a people.

2. The way of gaining natural immune resistance from the diseases the animals are susceptible to.

3. Producing meat food that provides immunity from a lot of human diseases.

4. Developing wearable “Micraxel” fur covering the costs of the meat food producing .


  At first, the founders of the branch noticed extraordinary properties of a rabbit’s gastrointestinal tract different from any other domestic animals and needing unusual feeding, keeping, breeding and constant conveniences suiting. The ingenious automatic design considering numerous qualities, peculiarities, demands and even natural inclination of the amazing animal has proven that all the ablactation terms accepted in the traditional rabbit-breeding are illegitimate.  New terms  have been defined and tested. They take into account the amount of time needed for the formation of immune and endocrine systems. Hence, some fodder energy has been replaced by electrical power, excreting zootoxin poisoning has been removed, the safety of winter kindling has been reached, rush jobs have been away with, and everyday product yield equability has been  ensured. The purpose of the listed measures is to achieve eating of the meat food in its perfect condition - fresh meat, the taste of which has been long forgotten by an ordinary consumer all over the world.


As a result: relatively cheap and reasonable outside rabbit-breeding  having become accelerative, has turned into an all-year profitable, remunerative, attractive, non labor-intensive and competitive branch producing an economic and serviceable product used to be unknown and cost covering long before the meat selling. The meat, being unique regarding its quality, possesses high gastronomic, dietary and healing properties, has been abruptly rejuvenated, purified of strontium-90, other nuclear decay products, herbicides, pesticides, anti-infective agents and medicines.

The residents of the North and highlands have an opportunity to do about pleasant and profitable rabbit-breeding business more effectively.  Not only peasants, but townsfolk having summer residences, gardeners and truck farmers driving down once a week, have finally got a chance to enjoy raising rabbits-accelerators in nice, odorless, and not attractive to flies eco-farms.   Nowadays a rabbit-breeder can avoid the age-long necessity of calling vets, purchasing brood population somewhere or making “repair” bays on the farms. All the mentioned above features together with the traditional rabbit-breeding have vanished completely and are just awful popular legends now. The working capital turnover has significantly increased, thus, having improved farms’ profitability in geometric progression. It is now possible and prestigious to run eco-farms in cities and settlements, gardens and parks, within school territories, enterprises and military units, under the windows of health centers and hospitals. A rabbit-breeder finds joy in doing his profitable, healing and far from being exhausting business.








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