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What kind of business is this?


It is usually a business with tangible monopoly rights to it. There are opportunities to have a business that no one else has, and it is possible to lead a movement in the livestock industry, to establish its market segment and affect generally all rabbit breeding of the country. This is possible thanks to usage of the shortcomings in other types of industrial and domestic rabbit breeding, plus the know-how that allows to build a dominant market position. A wide arsenal of inventions, methods of construction activity and extremely high quality final product - the eco-rabbit, as well as humane, and environmentally friendly way of keeping and breeding the rabbits contribute to this.


What does the buyer of the business do?business on eco-friendly rabbit breeding


·          Delivers to his market, starts up finished, ecologically friendly to the environment, farms of rabbit breeding, industrial or domestic scale.

·          Produces or imports from the seller and sells specialized equipment that has no analogues in the world in the influence on the protection of rabbits against various diseases and that forms the maximum health of the animals, providing humane and environmentally friendly approach to all processes of breeding and keeping.

·          Sells the technology, design documentation: how to make equipment that provides at least 15 degrees of protection of rabbits from the existing problems in the industry.

·         Licenses the farms about the way and conditions of breeding the rabbits according to the technology of eco- friendly rabbit breeding.

· Sells live rabbits from the network of farms created by him (the buyer of the business)

·         Advises management and provides information.

How much can the buyer of this business earn?


We can only talk about our achievements in Ukraine, a country with a weakly developed economy, business and solvency of the companies and the public.

For several years, ready-made farms of at least 30 has been sold for $ 11 000. In this segment of sales is received about $ 330 000. In the USA the market is much bigger and the need for eco technology, as well as the cult of the consumption of the eco-clean products, many times higher, and it is fair to believe that the expected sales will be much higher than in our country.

More than 400 pieces of equipment has been sold for the average cost of $ 1000, which made not less than $ 400 000. Some of the design documentation was also sold, 200 units. in the price of $ 1000, which is $ 200 000. Through brokering about 1000  heads of rabbits were sold, which earned over $ 20 , which is equal to $ 20 000. There have also been made ​​chargeable advice and services, brokerage income for the sale of manure and skins of rabbits. Totally it was received about $ 950 000, 190 000, or approximately $ per year. However, such sales were made in a very bad market conditions, as in Ukraine the environmental movement, humane breeding of animals is not appreciated, and extremely low solvent opportunities of the people and corporations troubled the greater scope in this business. For reference - the pension in Ukraine is about $ 110, and utility bills may be more than this amount.

Proceeding from the above mentioned.

Having a really tested topic, which was tested in Ukraine, relying on the experience and support of our company, the buyer of such business has a very good chance to repeat our success and at the best level!

How much does the business cost?


The cost of the business with monopoly rights in two U.S. states is $ 25 000. In the case of a need of a general license for the business across the whole country - the cost is $ 350 000

What does the buyer of the business get from us?

·         The technology of eco-friendly rabbit breeding

·         Design documentation

·         The technique of constructing activity

·         Training video on the process of production of the equipment

·         Advisory support of business building

·         For an extra fee  the samples of the equipment

For an extra fee specialists can travel for training (the topic is better mastered) or you can visit us on such kind of training.


What should a buyer of the business do after buying the business?

        ∙    Organize a booth of the equipment, making it or buying it from us.

·         Study the technological aspects of breeding and keeping the rabbits according to our method

·          Make equipment sales, design documentation, supply ready-made farms, and give advice.

The procedure for relations

A contract is entered into. The seller fulfills his responsibilities within 3 months. This time is necessary to make the translation of the technology, the design documentation and all the relevant literature.

It is also important to know

There is very little chance "to catch" business in the world, a business which has no competitive environment. You have a chance. We will be glad to cooperate with you. We are interested in recognition of our developments in the world and we will do our best for you to become our follower. It would be a good advertisement for us.





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